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How to Use a Template Outside From the Default Templates Folder

If your custom templates are not showing in the Personal link, its means that Word doesn’t know where your templates are.

If you’ve created (or received) some templates and saved them in a different folder other than the Word’s default custom-template folder (Documents\Custom Office Templates) then Microsoft Word won’t show your templates when you click File tab > New > Personal link. You can use Windows shortcuts to tell Word where your templates are:

  • To add a template to the Personal templates list, put a shortcut to the template in your user templates folder (Documents\Custom Office Templates).
  • To add a folder of templates that will appear in the Personal templates link, put a shortcut to the folder in your user templates folder. See following example figure:
  1. The More Template.lnk is the folder shortcut in Documents\Custom Office Templates. actual folder location is on D:\ drive.
  2. The template2 is file shortcut in Documents\Custom Office Templates, actual template is on the desktop.
  3. The fast-tutorials template is in the default template folder (Documents\Custom Office Templates).

You can create a document directly from a template. Open a Windows Explorer window to the folder that contains the template, and then double-click the template. (The default action in Windows for a Word template is to create a new document based on it, not to open the template. To open the template, right-click it and choose Open.)

Note: For this tutorial, Microsoft Office 2019 has been used.

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